Metaforinės Kortos

Courses and Sessions

Knowledge helps to clarify goals and find the best ways to achieve them. Our courses and individual sessions guarantee personal development and progress.

Individual Courses

This is an individual approach to each request, where your goals and desired changes come first. Different methodologies and techniques are selected and adapted specifically to you, that gives you flexibility and the ability to efficiently solve various problems.

Team Courses

Internal training for a team, department or a full team of employees. The purpose of this course is to clarify and discuss existing problems and discover new ways of solving them. In the end, results will be outstanding: improved communication, freed creativity, tolerance and pursuit of common goals.

Specialized Course

This is a comprehensive continuing education for specialists working with people in all fields. During the course, participants are introduced how to select and use metaphorical cards, including a full practice of various card usage techniques. Knowledge can be applied both to work with individual clients and groups, or simply for personal purposes. After finishing the course, certificates are issued.

Coaching Session

An attentive conversation that helps to reveal ones’ potential, stimulates thinking, improves creativity and enhances your personal development. The use of metaphorical cards makes it much easier to properly evaluate diverse situations from different angles, also to discover the necessary resources to achieve goals.

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